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A complete guide to photographing Rhode Island

Despite being the smallest state, Rhode Island has so much to offer for photographers and travelers. Between it’s beautiful coastline and diverse landscapes, little Rhody has many photogenic opportunities. Having grown up in the Ocean State I am drawn to the coast more than anything.

Lets start from the bottom and work our way up.

Watch Hill

A tiny historic district of Westerly, the most southwest part of Rhode Island. The town has a street of shops, a historic carouse, a long beach, one of the nicest hotels in the state, a lighthouse, another beach, and… Taylor Swift’s house!!! I could shoot here every day and never run out of subjects.

Point Judith

Making our way into Narragansett, Camp Cronin and Point Judith Lighthouse provides multiple subjects in just one spot. A fishermen‘s memorial, a very long rock jetty, sunrise and sunset, the light house, a little beach, and surfers. Most importantly, Rhody Hope.

*Lighthouse is Coast Guard property - you can only view lighthouse from parking lot or Camp Cronin*

Narragansett Wall

Along the wall you will find the well known Narragansett towers with a restaurant and view, a beach with surfers, a great sunrise. The square has occasional events, and a great tree lighting for Christmas.

Newport Bridge

There are many viewpoint to see the bridge but Taylor Point Lookout is my favorite on the Jamestown end. It’s a popular spot for fishing but sometimes you can get the place to yourself.

Newport Cliff Walk

Obviously everyone suggests Newport when traveling Rhode Island, how do you not. I would argue that spring is the best time to go to the cliff walk… or maybe Christmas time too for the decorations. But in the spring you have end,Ed’s ocean on one side and glorious mansions with daffodils on the other.

Providence Pedestrian Bridge

Providence’s newest creation: the pedestrian bridge! A beautiful skyline while relaxing above the water with friends, what more could you ask for?

Prospect Terrace

This little park on College Hill offers a beautiful skyline of Providence. The statehouse, first church, and city buildings. You can park on the street of the park or if you park somewhere else be prepared to walk some hilly streets!

Are you from Rhode Island or have you been? Comment your favorite spot, I’d love to hear about it!

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